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The VR-150 Voice Recorder has been designed for use by individuals that need to get the message right ... all the time. The VR-150 will record entire conversations onto microcassettes with the touch of a button. The microcassettes can then be played on the VR-150 or a microcassette recorder to ensure you did not miss a word of the conversation. Whatever is said, you can listen to it over and over again and you can easily store the microcassette for future reference.

The sleek compact design of the VR-150 enables it to be located under just about any analogue or system telephone to which it can be connected. You can also connect the VR-150 to an analogue line to record all conversations on a particular telephone line.

The VR-150 is ideal for Telemarketing Training, Call Centres, Professionals, Financial, Insurance and Real Estate Staff, Hotlines, Emergency Services, Helplines, Government Departments, etc. Basically, any one that wants to make sure they get the conversation right.

With the VR-150 there is no need to spend thousand and thousand of dollars on large digital voice logging recorders. You can use a VR-150 for your key telephone personnel. And its portable, so it can be taken on the road or shared with other staff.

Fully-Featured, Commercial Quality Voice Recorder

The VR-150 combines convenience, performance and reliability for years of trouble free voice recording performance.

Major Features
Record from a CO line, an extension line or between the handset and base unit of a telephone.
Analogue Connection to an Analogue Line, Analogue or System Telephone.
ISDN Connection via a Handset Connection.

Recording Control Function
Dual Microcassette Tapes, providing up to 2 hours of recording time.
RECORD Button with Selectable Beep Start Sound and Indicator Lamp to Start/Stop Recording.
PLAY Button to Playback the Recorded Conversation.
REWIND Button to Rewind the Tape to Replay a Message or to the Beginning.
FAST FORWARD Button to Fast Forward the Tape past Messages or to the End.
STOP Button to Stop all Operations.
DECK Button to Manually Select Tape Deck 1 or 2 with Deck Indicator Lamp.
TIME Button to programme the Time Stamp Function.
CLEAR Button to reset the Tape Position to 000.
RECORD Volume Level Control to adjust the Taped Audio Level.
VOLUME Control to adjust the Speaker volume during Playback.
COUNTER Display shows the tape position.
RECORD INPUT Switch to be set depending on the Input Source.
HANDSET INPUT Switch if you select the Record Input Switch for Handset this switch allows you to select "2-V or 94' pin positions on the modular plug.

Dip Switch Functions
SW1-1 - For Auto Line Current Start/Stop Mode.
SW1-2 - For Auto Voice Start/Stop Mode.
SW1-3 - For Selecting 4 or 8 seconds Silence Detection Time.
SW2-1 - For Determining the Record Configuration - Continuous or 1 Cycle.
SW2-2 - For Selecting the Tape Speed - Standard or Half Speed.
SW2-3 - For Setting the Tape End Alarm Beep Tone on DECK 2.
SW2-4 - For Setting the Beep Tone Sound on the Operation Buttons.
SW2-5 - For Setting the Time/Date Stamp Function.
SW2-7 - For Setting the 8 seconds Capture Recording when using Manual Start.
SW2-8 - For Setting Start Recording from prior 2 seconds on the Tape to Support loss-time of the deck movement.

Connection Jacks
T Jack - To connect between the VR-150 and the base unit of a telephone.
H Jack - To connect between the VR-150 and a handset.
LINE Jack - To connect between the VR-150 and a CO Line.
TEL Jack - To connect between the VR-150 and a telephone.

Power Supply
12 Volt DC Power Adaptor.

Physical Characteristics
Stylish Slimline Design fits under most analogue or system telephones.
Colour: OFF‑WHITE.
Dimensions: 260mm (Length) x 180mm (Width) x 30mm (Height)
               (10318 " D x 73116 11 W X 1318 " H)
Weight: 650 grams.
(1.5 lbs.)

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.