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Fully-Featured, Commercial Quality
The AT-600 combines convenience, performance, and reliability, for years of trouble-free operation.

Ideal For
Retailers, Restaurants, General businesses, travel agents, hotels & motels, ski resorts, real estate agents, police departments, fire departments, emergency services, call centres, schools, associations, sports clubs, architects, accountancy firms, legal firms, doctors offices, dental offices, opticians, medical centres, pharmacies, insurance agents, service departments, sales departments, self-employed, consultants, SOHO offices.

Talking Time 1 Day Stamp
The AT-600 automatically records the Time and Day-of-the-Week at the end of each recorded message.

Talking Message Counter & Clock
A clear. easy-to-understand synthesized voice tells you how many messages were recorded. It also tells you the current Time and Day-of-Week at the press of a button.

Visual Indication of New Messages
The ANSWER Lamp flashes to tell you that new messages have been recorded.

Digital LED Message Counter
Shows at a glance how many messages have been recorded.

One-Touch Message Playback
Press one button -  the AT-600 plays back your new messages.

Fast-Forward, Rewind, and Pause
During message playback, you can fast-forward and rewind the tape, as well as pause (using the RESET button).

Last Message Indication with Auto-Stop
At the end of the last message, the AT-600 automatically stops playback and alerts you.

Auto-Paging and Message Transfer
The AT-600 can automatically dial a telephone number to alert you when a new message has been received. It can call your pocket pager, your home, or even your cellular phone. If the new message is not retrieved, the AT-600 can automatically redial (from 1 to 8 additional alerting attempts).

Dual Microcassete Recording System
The AT-600 uses one tape for your outgoing announcement, and another for incoming messages. Both tapes are easily accessible, for quick change and archiving.

Full Remote Control Operation from any Telephone
Gives you quick access to the AT-600' s features from any tone‑dialing phone (optional: handheld dialer available for access from pulse-dial phones). Remote control features include:
Talking Message Counter
Automatic Playback of New Messages
Rewind and Fast Forward
Full Rewind
Message Erase/Tape Reset to Start
Outgoing Announcement Recording
Remote ON/OFF
Auto-Paging/ Message Transfer ON/OFF
Auto-Paging/ Message Transfer Number Change    
Memo Recording
Tape-Full Message Retrieval

Programmable Security Code
The AT-600 s 4-digit security code (0000-9999) prevents unauthorised remote retrieval of messages.

Programmable Ring Delay  
The AT-600 allows you to program the number of rings before the system answers (1 to 9 rings).

Toll-Saver with Automatic Reset
When you call to check for messages, the AT-600 will answer after the programmed number of rings if new messages have been recorded. If there aren't any new messages, the AT-600 will wait an additional 2 rings before answering, saving you the cost of the call. The Toll-Saver feature can be turned-off.

Announce Breakthrough
You can press a single touch‑tone digit to skip the outgoing announcement, saving time and long distance charges.

Call Monitoring
The AT-600 lets you listen to callers before you decide to answer.

Memo Recording
At the touch of a button, you can record reminders for yourself, or messages for family or associates.

Two-Way Conversation Recording
While talking on the line to which the AT-600 is connected, you can record your conversation at the touch of a button.

Variable Outgoing Announcement Length
The beep sounds at the end of your announcement, whatever its length (up to 7 minutes).

Voice‑Controlled Recording (VOX)
Automatically stops recording an incoming message after 8 seconds of silence, helping to conserve tape space, and eliminate unnecessary playback delays. You can limit callers to a maximum message of 1 minute.

Calling Party Control (CPC) Detection
The AT-600 disconnects automatically when the caller hangs‑up, eliminating "deadspaces" between messages.

Auto- Disconnect
The AT-600 automatically disconnects when you pick-up an extension phone.

Announce-Only Mode
The AT-600 can answer and play your variable-length outgoing announcement, without recording any incoming messages

Speed Erase
The AT-600 allows high-speed erasure during rewind of the message tape.

Built-in Microphone
Eliminates the need for accessories

Headset Port
Built in headset port for monitoring incoming calls.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.