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In consideration of the rapid growth in the global telecommunication industry AFA Communications Pty. Ltd. decided to diversify it's interests, from being a distributor of communication equipment, to one of becoming involved in the R&D and manufacturing of telecommunication products. We believe that the future progress in communication technology over the next decade will be immense and we want to be part of this exciting period and contribute products that will create new markets and continue to develop existing technology.

Wireless Technology, Communication Excellence
We at AFA Communications Pty. Ltd. believe that we are able to offer high quality commercial communication equipment to both the corporate and government markets. Being distributors for both "Takacom Corporation" and "Tellus Corporation" we are able to assure our customers that they are investing in equipment which will both serve their required purpose, and also be confident of the quality of product.

Our own R&D has already been able to provide product to a number of developing markets where there was no "off the shelf' product available. We are aware of the needs of the business sector and constantly on the look out for new market requirements where we are able to customise products required.